$1000 / Per person

Day 1: Travel from Kampala to Kidepo Valley National Park.

On the first day we will depart for the most remote protected area in Uganda that lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of Karamoja province on the far northern border with the Sudan; Kidepo Valley National Park making a stopover at Zziwa Rhino sanctuary for Rhino tracking. This is a guided nature walk to experience the life of the Rhinos in the wild. You will then proceed to Gulu for lunch then connect to the park, taking a few more hours to reach the park. On your way, you go through the now peaceful Acholi land that was war battled by the LRA rebels in the 1990s. Enjoy the spectacular savannah woodland as you continue moving northwards of Uganda.

Day 2: Morning and afternoon Game Drives

Wake up to an early morning game drive expecting a bird list of over 475 species and a mammal list of over 80 species including 28 that are found in no other Ugandan National park. Amongst these are such charismatic African animals as Bat-eared Fox, Carcal, Cheetah and Klipspringer.

Later in the afternoon, you go for yet another game drive or a nature walk within the Narus Valley of Kidepo.

Day 3: Travel from Kidepo to Moroto for a cultural tour

On the way from the park, you go through various parts of Karamoja like Kabong and Kotido seeing the way they dress and observing the vast savannah vegetation.

While in Moroto, there will be a cultural tour and walk through the valley of Mt Moroto, the highest mountain of Karamoja. The mountain is inhabited by one of Uganda’s smallest tribes, the Tepeth. They are the indigenous inhabitants of the Karamoja plains that escaped into the mountains when the Karimojong settled on their lands. Immerse yourself in Karamojong culture. The afternoon is spent participating traditional games, daily activities as preparing staple foods, harvesting, beading, learning, dance, how to shoot bow and arrow and traditional friendly wrestling.

On the other hand, Moroto is particularly good with Pygmy Falcon, Jackson’s Hornbill and White-headed Buffalo Weaver common at the roadside although a fair selection of dry country “specials” may be found a mere 25km north of the Kapchorwa turnoff.

Day 4: Travel from Moroto to Sipi Falls

After visiting a Karamojong village you will drive to siipi through various tribes of Uganda like Itesots and Bagisu, indeed having a diversification of the cultures since a day before you had an experience of the Karamojongs. Later in the day, you get to Sipi Falls where you will enjoy an afternoon nature walk to the spectacular Sipi falls which has its origins from Mount Elgon. You can expect to see the caves, plantations of coffee, matooke and sugar cane along the way with the highlight of the day being Abseiling.

Day 5: Drive from Sipi Falls to Kampala

Wake up to the view of a sunrise in the peaks of Mount Elgon, have breakfast and travel to Kampala. This is a 6 hour drive that will help you reflect on your safari moments as you get back home.